How we work

The Bird & Bear Method

A bit of brand therapy 

Our unique approach starts with your Brand Evaluation.

During the 60 minute session we use our Branding Cards to help move us through every aspect of your business while also unpacking your vision, values, and long term goals. Each card is themed and poses questions which challenge you to articulate the details that your dreams and work realities are made of.

It's an exercise that feels like '' a bit of brand therapy'' because our clients often come away with a renewed sense of clarity. Not only are your big ideas more tangible, it also provides Bird & Bear with the solid foundation needed to build a strategy that delivers what matters to you the most.

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How It Works

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A brand is a story that is always being told.
— Scott Bedbury

step no.1

Decide on what area of your business that you'd like to focus. Our signature services include everything from logo design to social media strategy. If you aren't sure about which package fits your needs, take our Litmus Test.

step no.2

We want to know you and your backstory. Our first conversation is the most important. To understand the core of who you are and what your business does, we developed The Bird & Bear Method, so we start with clarity and trust.

step no.3

Based on our consultation, we personalize our services to your objectives. Each step is outlined, including the deliverables that mean the most to you. Once given the green-light, we hit launch and manage your campaign. 

step no.4

In addition to a weekly call and status report, you have access to your campaign's evolution on your own personal dashboard. There the project's timeline, task list, and documentation are clearly outlined and stored.