our story

Two Americans met in Paris.

Five years later they started a business.


We had lots of ideas starting out - a taco truck, a gourmet cinema - but the one thing that kept nagging us were the experiences we had working with small companies.

 We saw that business owners like our parents or self-employed friends lacked the time, resources, and sometimes the skill set to develop the type of strategies needed to help them grow. They expressed their frustration with their inability to create and manage their brand, communications, and marketing online.

In response, we created Bird & Bear.


founder & strategy director


Still a Louisiana girl at heart, Meghan moved to Paris in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree in International Affairs and hasn’t left since. She also holds a BA in International Studies from the University of San Francisco and has honed her talent for marketing and communications at international organizations like the Democratic National Committee, UNESCO , as well as with startups in the French tech ecosystem.  As the founder of Bird & Bear, Meg lends her creativity to crafting the most memorable brand stories.

Connecting with people over their dreams and aspirations is a pretty powerful motivator. Listening to others who are working to make a mark in this life is the most contagious form of inspiration.
— Meghan Langley

founder & visual director


Born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles, Nic is a passionate filmmaker. His commercial work spans a decade and includes collaborations with brands ranging from the fashion and entertainment industries to the tech world. As the other half of Bird & Bear, Nic brings his unique POV and expertise to all our visual projects.

Working with other entrepreneurs has become a way for me to constantly keep the horizon in mind, knowing that there’s always more to learn, experience, and discover.
— Nicolas Shake